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What is The X-Door?

The X-Door is an escape room, or live escape game. You will be locked up in a room and you will have to escape from it in 60 minutes using astuteness, brain, observation skills but above all teamwork.

Can we play in only two people?

Certainly. The X-Door is in fact a very fun activity to do in pairs even if you have to work hard because two people will find more difficulties than a larger group.

Can we play more than six people at the same time?

Write to us at to evaluate the different possibilities.

From what age is it possible to play The X-Door?

The X-Door is a game for adults but if you want to take your children with you, even 8, 9 or 10 years old, you can do it and in some parts of the game they will have really fun moments. However, keep in mind that the difficulty of the game is designed for people aged 16 and over and that, in some parts of the game, children will necessarily need the help and supervision of an adult to be able to proceed to subsequent puzzles. If you have any doubts about whether or not to bring your children with you, you can contact us at
IMPORTANT: in order to participate in The X-Door, at least one member of the group must be over 18 years old.

What time should we arrive at The X-Door Milano?

You should arrive 5 minutes earlier than the time of your session. It is important that you do not arrive late because, after each team, another team will enter the same room almost immediately. If you are not punctual there is the risk that you will lose the booking and that you will not be able to play; in fact, we cannot risk delaying next groups.

Whenever a team finishes the game session, the staff will have to spend a few minutes to prepare the setting again. So, if you arrive too early, we will almost certainly not be able to accommodate you and you will have to wait until your session time.

Once I have played, can I repeat the experience?

When you have participated in one of our games, if you want to return, it is advisable to book a session of a different game: we will frequently offer new rooms and settings to let you experience new emotions and experiences.

How much does it cost to play?

The price for each game session depends on the number of participants:
2 players: 28€ per person.
3 players: 23€ per person.
4 players: 19€ per person.
5 players: 16€ per person.
6 players: 15€ per person.

Can I give The X-Door experience?

Click here and request a Gift Voucher to donate to anyone you want. It will surely be a success!

I suffer from claustrophobia, can I play?

We have never had such problems. However, the playing space is wide and the settings are equipped with an emergency button to open the door at any time.

I am a pregnant woman, can I play?

Many women have tried The X-Door during pregnancy without having any problems, also because, to play, neither physical strength nor agility are needed and no scary elements are expected. However it should be remembered that The X-Door is a very adrenaline game and sometimes you can experience a little tension in seeing the countdown. If you believe that this can generate anxiety or a problem situation, remember that choosing to play is your responsibility. However, the playing space is wide and the settings are equipped with an emergency button to open the door at any time.

Is it necessary to use physical force?

No not at all. It is only necessary to use brain, observation skills but above all teamwork.

Are there terrifying aspects?

No, there are no terrifying aspects but sometimes there may be soft sounds and low brightness.

Can people with disabilities play?

Write to us at about the limitations of the game.

Someone in the group does not speak or understand Italian, can he play?

Of course, to play it is not necessary to understand Italian. However, before entering the room, we will have to give you some brief instructions about the rules of the game either in Italian or in English. If you do not know either of the two languages ​​we will give you instructions written in Russian, German, French or Spanish.

How can I pay?

The game is paid in cash, debit or credit card on the day you play or, if you prefer, by bank transfer to the bank account that we will provide to you by email when you book the game session.

May I cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel your booking, please write to us as soon as possible at in order to free up your game session, indicating the name, surname, day and time of your booking.

If you have already paid for your session or have booked through a Gift Voucher, we inform you that it will not be possible to cancel the reservation within 24 hours prior to the game session and that no refund will be made. If you want to cancel your booking at least 24 hours in advance we will not be able to refund the payment but we can change the day and time of your game session.

The X-Door Milano

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